Fire Suppression

Boston’s Premier Fire Suppression Electrical Contractor for 3 decades. Providing Electrical Design, Installation, Programming, and Testing.

Stalker Electric got its start in the fire suppression detection systems industry in 1992, Since then we have become Boston’s premier Installer and designer of these systems. Whether you are a mechanical contractor with the detection of a suppression system in your scope and need design, installation, devices, programming, or testing or an End user requiring maintenance, testing/ inspections,repair,decommisioning, or installation we do it all under one roof. Over the years we have found that Fire Protection contractors value our services as we can alleviate any unnecessary issues. From the time you start your estimate contact us and we can provide you a quote, after you win the job we will immediately start on your design package to include equipment submittals, sequence of operations, narrative, battery calcs, and shop drawings.

Stalker Electric has cultivated relationships with many Massachusetts Fire protection engineers, professionals, and Fire Departments after decades of doing this work. Our Local 103 Electricians are not only highly qualified but are also receive hours of specialized training in this niche sector. Our goal is to eliminate issues for the FP contractor from start to finish, once we take on a project we handle it from there, no more headaches with electricians that are not familiar with these systems, no more multiple subs to design, furnish, install, and program, no more hassle with the Fire Departments, we do it all, let us put our years of experience to work for you today!

About this Process

Stalker Electric Inc. is the premier fire suppression control contractor in Massachusetts, we design, install, service, test, and inspect systems in every major institution in Boston, including MIT, Harvard, B.C., B.U., Beth Israel, Dana Farber, Novartis, Childrens Hospital, M.B.T.A.,etc..

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Let’s Make Your Building Secure

In all cases, we provide quotations, begin work and complete jobs in a timely manner. And the quality of work we provide is unparalleled in our industry. We don’t put our name behind it if we wouldn’t use it ourselves.

Who's Our Typical Customer

Stalker Electric provides fire alarm system design, installation, inspection and approvals and service and maintenance to the commercial Real Estate Industry all over New England. Our customers include Real Estate Companies, Owners and Managers of Buildings, General Contractors, Architectural and Engineering Companies and Electrical Contractors.

What Do We Mean By 24/7 Monitoring

As part of Stalker Electric’s comprehensive service and maintenance agreements, we provide emergency service response 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our certified, competent technicians are always available during business hours and on call after business hours, weekends, and holidays.

If necessary, our management team is also available after hours, weekends and holidays and will respond promptly to requests anytime. Our answering service is active upon close of business and a response call can be expected within minutes of your request.

What Systems Do We Work With

We’ve learned to assess each situation to determine the proper equipment necessary. We specialize and handle both EST and Minimax Systems. 

Latest Projects


We specialize in fire pump, fire pump controller, and jockey pump installations, and service. Most jobs we disassemble and get back up and running in the same day, we have done hundreds of these jobs all over New England.


We are starting another JP Morgan chase project this one is at 9 Central St. Wellesley, Ma. and will be ran by Bobby Trudel IBEW LU 103 Journeyman, Bobby has been part of the Stalker Electric team since early in his apprenticeship and recently graduated from the IBEW…

Bccb Childrens Hospital Tower

55 shattuck st, Boston MA. we completed multiple Fire suppression and associated control systems in the new Children’s hospital tower, including electric rooms, data rooms, and MRI Rooms.