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Fire Suppression Systems:
Is Your Building Properly Equipped, Up-to-Code,
and Is the System Regularly Maintained?

Logan Airport Fire Suppression Test


Written by Shawn Stalker – Stalker Electric, Inc
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February 27, 2014


How important is it for public and commercial buildings, institutional facilities – hospitals, universities, schools, and libraries, residential buildings, and private facilities to be equipped with up-to-date fire suppression and fire alarm systems? In the event a fire disaster occurs, it is truly a matter of life and death – first and foremost in protecting the workers, inhabitants, and visitors to the facility, and also, in limiting damage to the building structure itself and valuable critical equipment within the facility.

The goal of fire protection always has been to limit the damage a fire can cause. In keeping with that goal, fire suppression is an integral component of every facility’s fire protection system. Fire suppression systems are designed and installed to limit fire spread in new and existing buildings in order to protect lives and control property damage, including the loss of valuable equipment and costly downtime.


Partners Healthcare on Assembly Row in MA – Fire Suppression job in progress!


It is critical to make sure the system is up-to-date, inspected and tested, and maintained, at regular intervals, by highly qualified specialists.  Every public, commercial, institutional, and private building is required by Federal, State and Local law to be equipped with updated fire alarm systems.   The design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of fire suppression and fire alarm systems must meet stringent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code requirements.

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